IT has been said that human culture began with the discovery of fire, and progressed step by step in proportion to its application to human needs. Without delving into the mystery, some significant lessons may be drawn from the early history of mankind's attitude towards this element, and its subsequent harnessing of the powerful fire force for its own ends.

In primitive times each village kept alive a constantly burning central fire for its own use, and also to provide against any emergency which might possibly extinguish the village home fires. In this way it came about that the central hearth of the village became a sacred symbol of home and family life. Eventually, the round, rudely constructed hut, where the general fire burned, came to be regarded as the official home of the whole people, the seat of government as well as of religion,—the embodiment, in fact, of the unity and vitality of the community.

Our Rich Legacy
December 1, 1923

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