CHRISTIAN SCIENCE is the very essence of all that is Christian. While it teaches the Science of reality, enabling men to understand the creator and His spiritual creation, it at the same time inculcates upon all the necessity of the practice of every Christian virtue. Christian Science is no mere theoretical religious system: it is the living truth Christ Jesus taught and demonstrated, restated by Mrs. Eddy in scientific terms which every one may readily understand whose spirit is humble and whose heart is contrite. Its Science, linked with the Christ-spirit, is to-day healing the sick, the sinning, the sorrowing in an ever increasing measure: this Christianity is the most benign influence that has ever been shed over a self-tortured world.

Now, the honest student of Christian Science never forgets the primary and fundamental teaching of Christian Science, that God, good, is infinite, and that evil is unreal. That teaching is an anchor at which he can safely ride through every storm. Men may scoff at it as transcendental; may jeer at it as irrational; but it remains the absolute truth about God, which cannot possibly be shaken by any argument of the so-called human mind, no matter how specious. It must be demonstrated, however; it must be proved in the common daily life of mortals.

Among the Churches
December 1, 1923

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