In uniting and condemning "rationalism, higher criticism,...

Sioux Falls (S. D.) Press

In uniting and condemning "rationalism, higher criticism, universalism, theosophy, and Christian Science" as "lies" and in stating that Christian Science "denies the reality of sin and the need of atonement," as reported in a recent Sunday issue, your contributor erred greatly. First, he wrongfully implies that Christian Science is similar to the other religions or systems mentioned; second, that Christian Science is "a lie," and third, he incompletely and incorrectly states the Christian Science teachings on the reality of sin and need of atonement, respectively.

"Rationalism" is a system of deducing religious opinions from human reasoning or understanding, as distinct from or opposed to divine revelation. Possibly our critic confused this with Christian Science because we do, indeed, endeavor spiritually to understand the Scriptures, to "prove all things," and to be "filled with the knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding." ... Spiritual understanding is divine revelation; and it is through this, not human reasoning, that Christian Science heals sin and disease. "Higher criticism," according to Webster, involves no religious beliefs whatever, but is a mode of reasoning by which some deduce the origin and date of Scriptural writings. "Theosophy" and spiritualism are foreign to Christian Science. "Universalism" teaches that all men will eventually be saved. We would add that salvation, or deliverance from sin, disease, and death, is attained only as men follow Jesus' example and do his works; all of which and "greater things," he said, are possible to them that believe.

What your contributor "sketched" as Christian Science and denounced as a "lie," probably was a "lie." It certainly was not Christian Science which he denounced, but a straw man of his own building. Christian Science can be proved; therefore it cannot be a "lie."

February 25, 1922

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