True Compassion

How to be truly compassionate is born in human consciousness with the spiritual understanding of what man really is, his relation to God, and to his fellow man. Compassion finds nothing at which to be impatient or irritated, because spiritual understanding reveals the fact that anything claiming to produce such conditions of thought does not constitute the real man, who is the manifestation of Love. In the first chapter of Genesis, twenty-seventh verse, we read, "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him." It is this truth realized, through the light of Christian Science, that enables us to have true compassion.

In studying the character of Jesus of Nazareth no quality is found more prominent than the compassion with which he dealt with mankind at all times and under all circumstances. To the doubting and scornful, as well as to the Jews who accepted his teaching, he bestowed his "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." To all laboring with the belief in a selfhood apart from God, subject to sin, sickness, and death, and bound by the chains of so-called material law, he spoke the healing word. It mattered not whether it was the nobleman from Capernaum seeking help for his son, or the Magdalen, who came for aid; his true sense of the Christ-image enabled him to be compassionate to all.

Knowing the need of the multitudes for that which it was his mission to make known, namely abundant life, he climbed the steep and sometimes thorny pathway up the mountain of revelation to its summit, and from this exalted peak of unobstructed spiritual vision he beheld the glory of God, the unity of God and man. Descending from this mount of inspiration with its wonderful realization, he taught the truth by simple parables and healed the sick and sinful. It was compassion that brought him down to the place where he could be understood by the needy ones.

Being Born Again
February 25, 1922

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