In an article in your paper, statements "made in the...

Zanesville (Ohio) Times Recorder

In an article in your paper, statements "made in the Lambeth Encyclical" if not corrected would give your readers a wholly erroneous impression of Christian Science. For instance, this great religion is never classed with spiritualism and theosophy by any one possessing sufficient information to deal with his subject intelligently. On page 13 of her book "No and Yes" Mrs. Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, states: "Science is not susceptible of being held as a mere theory. It is hoary with time. It takes hold of eternity, voices the infinite, and governs the universe. No greater opposites can be conceived of, physically, morally, and spiritually, than Christian Science, spiritualism, and theosophy."

That Christian Science can cause its adherents to be drawn into practices which "injure their spiritual life and endanger their loyalty to Christ and to the fellowship of His church," to quote from this same report, is a statement that would be resented by many people in your city who are not Christian Scientists, but who have been able to observe that the adherents of this faith are loving and true Christians. Christ is the living and loving head of the Christian Science church. There are over twelve hundred Christian Science churches and societies in this country alone, each and every one of which owes its existence to the fact that people were healed by the Christ-method as taught in Christian Science, and, out of sheer gratitude to God for this healing, founded these churches in which to worship the ever living God.

February 25, 1922

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