Spiritual Healing

One of the first steps taken by our Leader in preparation for the dissemination of Christian Science was to establish its healing power, beyond the possibility of refutation; for she fully realized that without proof, her teachings, revolutionary to a startling degree as they were, would make scant headway against the established teachings of theology and medicine, strongly intrenched in vested rights and ancient customs reinforced by the prejudice and inertia of the human mind. From the first, Mrs. Eddy's claims as to the healing power of Christian Science were emphatically denied by an unbelieving world, accustomed only to material methods. "The age of miracles has passed," asserted an army of doubters: "The injunctions of Jesus to heal the sick, cleanse the leper, and raise the dead," they insisted, "were applicable only at a definite time and for a limited number of persons"—his immediate disciples and students; "Such claims are contrary to reason and experience"! These and other objections were made to her assertions as to the power of the Christ, Truth, to heal and regenerate mankind.

That the thought of mankind, which is not based upon divine Principle, is as unstable as shifting sands, has rarely had better exemplification than in its change of attitude toward Christian Science. At first flatly denying the visible signs, it has reluctantly and by slow degrees passed through all the intermediate stages of opposition, until now, still protesting, it is driven by the completeness of proof to accept the well-established facts of the demonstrable power of Truth to heal, which Mrs. Eddy claimed from the beginning. Moreover in place of the former disbelief, it is now sometimes erroneously said that Christian Science places too much emphasis upon the healing of disease, to the neglect of that spiritual growth which, it is held, constitutes the chief aim of religion.

"Rest in the Lord"
February 25, 1922

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