A news item in a recent issue, under the caption, "Publisher...

Indianapolis (Ind.) Star

A news item in a recent issue, under the caption, "Publisher Forgets He Isn't Short-Sighted," reports statements of a French gentleman, alleged to be a Christian Scientist, setting forth certain methods and teachings which are in no way similar to or connected with Christian Science. If the gentleman referred to is a student of Christian Science, he certainly has learned little of its teachings, for neither autosuggestion, will power, mental manipulation, nor any other occult process of the carnal or mortal mind is included in the teachings and practice of Christian Science. Any experienced student of Christian Science knows the pitfalls, dangers, and discords that accompany such practices as were accredited to the distinguished Frenchman. When one practices, or lays himself open to the manipulation and control of human will power, suggestion, or hypnotism, he places himself upon the same plane with every phase of evil, and makes himself voluntarily or involuntarily subject to all the iniquitous beliefs and diseases known to the human mind.

Under the teachings and practices of Christian Science, man is lifted into higher and holier relation with infinite Mind, and is then under the government and direction of God. It is the Mind "which was also in Christ Jesus" that does the healing work; eliminates and destroys every phase of evil, disease, and discord that seems to human consciousness to separate man from God; and it is through the power of infinite Mind, God, that Christian Science heals the sick and overcomes evil.

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