A Lesson from Life

Our revered Leader writes in "Unity of Good" (p. 56), "Holding a quickened sense of false environment, and suffering from mentality in opposition to Truth, are significant of that state of mind which the actual understanding of Christian Science first eliminates and then destroys." To all of us not infrequently comes the suggestion that we could accomplish so much more, do so much more good in the world, and even be better ourselves if we but had a different environment or were in different circumstances than those in which we seem to have been placed without our knowledge or consent. Perhaps our friends seem unlovable at times because of peculiar characteristics of so-called temperament; or members of our family have occasionally an unpleasant way with them"; or it may be that bits of gossip or unkind things said to or about ourselves have been allowed to annoy us. All these things we are apt to call unjust criticism and even extreme selfishness on the part of our daily associates,—for from how many a pleasant hour and situation have these seemed to exclude us?

In the light of the beautiful understanding of Christian Science we learn that these are really but subtle suggestions which present themselves to make us unhappy, discontented, and wholly inharmonious. If we are not on guard these suggestions are accepted and tend to impede our progress. Not long ago, an illustration was given the writer which was very helpful in clearing away a mist of false belief which was troubling her.

Magnify the Lord
March 20, 1920

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