Spontaneous Healing

A Student of Christian Science went one Sunday morning to a church where she was practically a stranger. She had gone to the service that day in great suffering and need. Such darkness and confusion seemed to envelop her, so immerged was she in her own problem, that her thought even strayed from the Lesson-Sermon which had always brought such wondrous healing and comfort in times of need.

When at the end of the service she with the others passed down the aisle, she glanced at the faces about her. As she reached the door she was obliged to pause because of many people, and as she did so a lady standing near turned toward her and smiled and directed her attention to the sunlight streaming through the door and windows and flooding the church with beauty and color and gladness. So self-absorbed had she been that she had failed to recognize even this symbol of God's radiant day. Just a few gentle words did this Christian Scientist speak, framed in one brief sentence, but they were spoken from a heart so filled with and reflecting the light of divine compassion that in that instant there dawned upon the awakening consciousness of the sufferer the "sweet and certain sense that God is Love" (Science and Health, p. 569)—the sense of Father's all enfolding and encircling care, healing pain, casting out fear, dispelling darkness, freeing her from the bondage of false beliefs, and assuring her that man is the radiant image and likeness of God.

August 30, 1919

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