Anxiety for the Future

Anxiety for the future seems always to have been one of the characteristics of the human family. What the average mortal does not realize is, that God's law is applicable to every human need; and that when correctly applied this law will prevent the appearance of evil in any form. Warned by wisdom of what was to come, Noah for many years preached to the people of his time. They refused, however, to be warned by that just man, who tried to persuade them to turn from their evil doing and thus prevent their own destruction. He, in the meanwhile, built an ark at the bidding of wisdom, but did not resign himself to a hopeless fate. Rather did he follow faithfully every direction as it was given him, and when the flood came, the ark was found steadfast and strong. Noah, guided by faith, sent a dove from the ark through the one window, which was above; and at length his faith and obedience were rewarded by deliverance.

When Abraham was guided by spiritual truth to seek a city "whose builder and maker is God," he did so, not letting discouragement or doubt as to the outcome affect in the least his efforts. When it appeared to him that God demanded his most treasured earthly possession, his only son, he did not think of human opinion or public criticism. He willingly obeyed, only to find that the sacrifice was not required by divine Love; but his experience had nevertheless been a test of his obedience.

Spontaneous Healing
August 30, 1919

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