I have been helped in every way by Christian Science

I have been helped in every way by Christian Science. I was not, however, attracted to it for physical healing, though sadly in need of help, for I believed myself a victim of hereditary tubercular disease of the kidney and suffered a great deal from the fear of it. I had also been led to believe that I would eventually lose my eyesight. When I first began to read the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, I lost a great deal of this fear at once, and for the first six months of this study I was not conscious of a physical ailment. Then there were some inharmonious conditions in my surroundings, and the fever and other symptoms of my former illness returned. I asked for help from a practitioner, and was healed while reading the first three sections of that week's Lesson-Sermon.

After reading but a very little of the textbook and listening to one lecture, I noticed that a birthmark had begun to disappear. At the time I was more interested in what I was learning, but in about six months I noticed that the mark was more than half gone, and then I realized that this healing was the work of Truth. To-day, after three years, there is no trace of this mark. I am particularly grateful for this proof, for while the birthmark had never caused me any annoyance, its disappearance showed that what mortal man and his law held to be impossible, was accomplished by Christian Science, and it made me more hopeful during the period in which I waited for other healings.

Testimony of Healing
After reading the testimonies in the Sentinel each week...
August 30, 1919

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