I read with much interest the sermon in which a rector...

Mid-Sussex Times

I read with much interest the sermon in which a rector is reported to have expressed his earnest desire that the Christ-healing would be understood by his church, and recommended it to follow the Master's twofold injunction, "Preach the gospel" and "Heal the sick." How many are there in the world to-day whole-heartedly with him in this prayer that the teachings of Jesus may be speedily understood, and that they may be practiced once again "with signs following," as they were nineteen centuries ago? But why does he (and another gentleman, a day or two later in the rector's drawing-room) denounce the religion which is today making itself so widely known by these very healing works?

Both the rector and our other critic, after their earnest prayer and conviction that "these signs shall follow them that believe," decry Christian Science in these words: "The neglect of the church of this important part of her work (healing) has given an opportunity for Christian Science," which they proceed to denounce as "antichristian," "error," and "false teaching," but give no reason for their opinion. Surely the desire for the Christ-healing and this denouncement of the religion practicing it do not coincide. Can it be that these gentlemen do not know the way by which Christian Science heals? It is not of course the way by which the church heals, as described by the rector, with the aid of doctors and drugs and the belief that God, good, "allows sin and disease."

Extracts from Letters
August 30, 1919

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