Work Well Done

For some time the writer has been impressed with the spiritual fact concerning the incentive and impulsion of work well done, and she has been led to the conclusion that when one loves to do the work undertaken, whatever the task may be, the result is satisfactory. The understanding of what love is and how to love was explained to a student who one day inquired of a Christian Science practitioner, "What is love?" and addes, "I have studied Christian Science a long time, but I have never understood what love is." The question was answered by the practitioner enumerating some of the kind deeds and healing works that are being accomplished to-day by Christian Scientists the world over. Then these words of our Leader, Mrs. Eddy, found in "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 358) further elucidated the subject: "Love impels good works. Love is greatly needed, and must be had to mark the way in divine Science." The way, then, is surely the doing of good works. To reflect divine Love we must be actively engaged in the Father's business, whether it be healing sickness and destroying the various phases of error that bring about disease, or distributing to a needy world the things that warm and cheer and comfort those who are destitute of daily food.

At this time of special need for the systematic distribution of Christian Science literature in our community, Mrs. Eddy's works were appealed to for answers to the following question that arose: "Where do we get our authority for this work?" and "What has our Leader said on the subject of distribution?" With the aid of the concordances to Mrs. Eddy's works the answers came clear and with ringing force to one who was endeavoring to be obedient. It was found that for the more intelligent working out of this branch of Christian Science activity Mrs. Eddy provided for and sanctioned the distributing of all "sweet things" when she says in Miscellany (p. 252): "Keep yourselves busy with divine Love. Then you will be toilers like the bee, always distributing sweet things." We do not stop at complacently reviewing what has been done by others or by ourselves in the past, but we continue in Love's healing work as the opportunities for renewed activity are unfolded.

May 24, 1919

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