Extracts from Letters

"With the outbreak of war many changes came into my life. Instead of joining the Army as I wished, more work and greater responsibilities were put upon me and before long I found my health menaced. My worst trouble was hemorrhoids, for which I had already undergone an operation. I tried several doctors but got no benefit, and I was told the only hope was another operation. This I refused to consider and finally decided to try Christian Science. My friend gave me the name of a practitioner, who agreed to give me absent treatment. In less than a fortnight I was fit and well...

"I joined the Army as a sapper, and as is usual I had to be vaccinated and inoculated. I had not the slightest trouble with vaccination, but the first inoculation gave me trouble, due entirely to taking things too easy. The second inoculation found me well prepared, and to the surprise of my hut mates, who found the second dose much worse than the first, I suffered practically no ill effects. I declared the truth to the utmost of my ability and it did indeed make me free. During my training as a sapper and as an officer my copy of Science and Health was a carefully cherished companion and was a source of constant help to me. Then I came out to France, and for eighteen months was mixed up with the war, taking part in some of the stiffest engagements and most costly fighting.

Spiritually Minded
May 24, 1919

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