I have received so much help through reading the testimonies...

I have received so much help through reading the testimonies of others that it is merely paying a debt to write my own. The blessings of Christian Science have been enjoyed for the past fourteen years and it has never failed me when honestly applied. I sought its aid for physical help, having suffered from a so-called inherited disease for several years. Having seen one of my parents take medicine for the same trouble ever since I could remember, I did not expect any help from that source. I tried dieting, for I had great faith in it, and was benefited for a while; but finally the fear of food became so great that the only way to stop the suffering seemed to be not to eat.

After a fast of more than sixty hours I was advised for the second time to try Christian Science, and I gladly accepted. The first talk with a loving practitioner removed a mountain of fear and doubt, and I received a wonderful glimpse of the new heavens and the new earth. The physical manifestations did not disappear instantly, but I was greatly benefited. The study of dietetics was given up for the study of Christian Science, and I soon learned that it was not what went into the stomach that caused the trouble. A chronic throat affection and bowel disorder also disappeared. Since my first healing, the work has been mostly preventive, although I have had some very beautiful instantaneous healings. For example, the absence of fear during the recent so-called epidemic was well worth the price of many years' study and practice.

Testimony of Healing
Words fail to express my gratitude for Christian Science
May 17, 1919

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