I am anxious to give my testimony of healing to the...

I am anxious to give my testimony of healing to the world, for it may help some one as I have been helped so much by reading the testimonies of others. This healing came to me a little over two years ago. For three years I had suffered from what is known as pellagra. A number of physicians had treated me, but at last I took to my bed, thinking I had been left alone to die. A neighbor who was not a Christian Scientist at that time asked me if I knew anything about Christian Science. After I told her that I did not, she suggested looking up a practitioner and finding out what there was to it, saying she had heard that Scientists healed people through the power of God.

I quickly gave my consent, and after a little searching she found a practitioner. The lady gave me an absent treatment and told my neighbor to tell me she would come to see me in the afternoon. I immediately felt a quietness come over me which I had never felt before. The practitioner came in the afternoon and gave me a treatment. Then she gave me some Scripture passages to read after she had gone and told me to have some one bring me the Bible. I soon discovered that I did not need to have anyone give it to me, as I was able to get up myself. After I had finished reading I discovered that the fever and headache had left me, together with a great deal of fear. I helped cook supper that night and ate heartily for the first time in two weeks, as I had been living strictly on raw eggs and milk. The practitioner left me two little pamphlets to read. When I began to read about "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" I thought what a great book that must be, and I did not lose any time trying to get it. When I started reading it I could not read it fast enough, for it seemed to me there was so much for me to learn about God; and I want to say that I am still reading and learning more of His goodness each day. I am so thankful to God that He made it possible through Mrs. Eddy for us to know the truth which makes free.—(Mrs.) Elizabeth Taylor, Fort Worth, Texas.

Testimony of Healing
I am glad to testify to the redemptive power realized...
May 17, 1919

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