Christian Science Church Services

The services of the Christian Science church are not only unique as religious worship, but they also afford all who attend these services an opportunity to participate therein if they wish to do so. Departing from the idea of personal preaching commonly found in the various denominations, Mrs. Eddy, exemplifying the wisdom which guided her in her work as a great teacher, promulgated a rule making "the Bible and the Christian Science textbook" the only preachers in Christian Science churches, as we read in the "Explanatory Note" on page 2 of the Quarterly. But some one may ask, "Why designate the Christian Science textbook as one of the preachers, or a source of preaching?"

In reply to such an inquiry it may be pointed out that the Bible, when understood spiritually, from Genesis to Revelation sets forth the rule of salvation, not only from sin but from physical suffering and other phases of discord as well. To grasp this fact in its far-reaching significance naturally inspires a desire on the part of the honest seeker after salvation to get at and understand the spiritual meaning of the Bible. When this is apprehended the searcher discovers that he has not only found the pathway of salvation from sin, but he also begins to see that the marvelous things accomplished by Moses, Elijah, Elisha, and above all by Christ Jesus were accomplished through some understanding of spiritual reality. The divine Principle of their work having been revealed to Mrs. Eddy, and the explication of Principle being set forth by her in the Christian Science textbook, is it to be wondered at that the spiritual and scientific interpretation of the Bible should be used in conjunction therewith as the only preachers in Christian Science churches?

Love's Guidance and Protection
February 15, 1919

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