I have been a recipient of many blessings through the...

I have been a recipient of many blessings through the ministrations of faithful practitioners of Christian Science for the pst eight years, and of particular instances of help received in that time I shall, doubtless, have the privilege of writing at some future day. For the present I shall content myself with relating a very recent and striking case of healing.

On Saturday, August 31, 1918, I was handed by the surgeon a formal report of physical examination in my own case, which set forth that by reason of disease of the kidneys I was incapacitated for field service overseas. Immediately upon the surgeon's leaving my office I called up by telephone the local Christian Science Camp Welfare worker and asked him to come to see me, which he did in a very few minutes; and on his arrival I informed him of what the surgeon had reported and asked him to help me. When next I saw the surgeon, which was within three or four days, he informed me that there was evidence of improvement. On this occasion I entered into a detailed and lengthy conversation with him relative to the matter, telling him, among other things, that I then recalled that shortly prior to my examination I had suffered from a cold which appeared localized in that part of the body; and I suggested that the apparent diseased condition might have been caused by that cold. But the surgeon stated that while the cold might have aggravated the condition it could not have caused it. That statement, coupled with one he had made on the occasion of my interview with him on August 31 in reply to an inquiry as to whether what he had found caused him to suspect a certain disease,—to the effect that it was that disease and not merely a suspicion of it,—left in my thought the impression that the surgeon definitely believed I was afflicted with a serious malady of the kidneys, and that, too, not in a very temporary or transient form, though he had reported that he could not state at that time whether the disability was permanent.

Testimony of Healing
I am thankful for the early training and shelter of a...
February 15, 1919

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