Language is inadequate to express the comfort and help...

Language is inadequate to express the comfort and help which even a slight knowledge of Christian Science gives. For many years a dear friend had tried to show me what an assistance it would be, but I was not ready for it until a great sorrow came very near, when I turned to Science in order to help another person. To stop using material remedies was quite easy, but it took longer to get rid of the accumulated rubbish of many years of wrong thinking, including a violent prejudice against Mrs. Eddy. From being "not very strong" and needing a lot of care, I grew by degrees perfectly fit and able to do any amount of hard work. Influenza, headaches, nerve strain, anaemia, bowel trouble, and biliousness have all been overcome. Courage and perseverance have been granted to help initiate and successfully carry on a number of heavy pieces of organizing work in connection with the abnormal conditons caused by the war. The reading room is a continual help; often when evil seems real and the battle fierce, a few quiet moments spent in realizing the truth makes all the difference. I also wish to express my gratitude for the periodicals and to those people who have sent testimonies.

(Mrs.) Kate K. Brownlee, Glasgow, Scotland.

Testimony of Healing
How little I knew what Life meant before becoming interested...
February 15, 1919

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