Christian Science healed me of sorrow and sickness after...

Christian Science healed me of sorrow and sickness after every material remedy had failed and my case had been given up as hopeless. In 1896 I graduated from a college of pharmacy and afterwards spent many years in the drug business in New York city, and for a period also in San Francisco. During this time Christian Science had often been presented to me, but I had always been antagonistic, notwithstanding the fact that I had seen a case healed through reading the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy.

In the summer of 1910 I was living in Los Angeles, California, when my wife was called upon at a moment's notice to take a trip to Europe, there but a week. She returned to New York and two weeks later passed on under a surgical operation which required my consent in writing. I was sent for and crossed the American continent twice in a little over two weeks. On returning to the home we had started to build, I felt that life held nothing more for me. I tried every possible means but the right one to overcome my sense of loss, and traveled thousands of miles. I also suffered from rheumatism so that it was difficult for me to move any of my limbs, and I could not sleep without the use of narcotics. On the advice of a physician I went to some hot springs for baths, but in a few days completely collapsed, both mentally and physically. In an unconscious conditon I was taken to the best hospital in Los Angeles, but as only slight hope for my recovery was held out it was thought best to take me home.

A short time prior to my going to the Hot Springs a young woman had induced me to attend a Christian Science church. I shall never forget that peaceful, healing service; right there I seemed to get a glimpse of the healing truth. Still I drifted away and went to the Hot Springs. My father, who lives in England, was notified of my condition. He had been healed through Christian Science of asthma and stomach trouble, so absent treatment was given me and a younger brother was sent out to see me. I was completely healed shortly after the arrival of my brother, who secured the aid of a local practitioner. At first I seemed so weak it was an effort to walk, but this conditon was quickly overcome. I went to England with my brother and after a year's visit there I came to British Columbia alone. My recovery has been complete every detail, but great as has been the physical healing, it is as nothing compared with the spiritual awakening.

Testimony of Healing
So many blessings have come to me through the power of...
February 15, 1919

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