The Second Commandment

In the Christian Science Sunday school the pupils are eager to gain all the understanding of the Scriptures possible, because they early learn that their demonstrations of harmony depend upon their grasp of Truth. In Article XX of the Manual of The Mother Church, Section 2, we read: "The Sabbath School children shall be taught the Scriptures, and they shall be instructed according to their understanding or ability to grasp the simpler meanings of the divine Principle that they are taught." It is usually found by the teachers that all of the pupils, the older as well as the younger ones, need to be kept in line with what are known as the "first lessons," which begin with the Ten Commandments; for otherwise excuses may be made that although these were at one time committed to memory, they have been forgotten. In such a case the pupil might well be asked whether the multiplication table had been forgotten; and if such a question seemed absurd, it might be well to remind the class that the science of numbers is practically applied in all we do throughout the day, when too many are apt to forget that without the constant recognition of divine law we can never be quite sure that we are doing right or that we are protecting ourselves from the attacks of error.

The older pupils in the Sunday school are more likely to ask questions respecting the second commandment than any of the others; and this reminds us that not so many years ago it was believed by people generally that God was a corporeal being seated on a throne, although they admitted that it was not right for anyone to attempt the representation of Deity as so conceived. Now, however, this belief has largely given place to some recognition of the truth taught throughout the Scriptures that God is incorporeal, that He is omnipresent Spirit, Mind, the intelligence governing the universe and man. No one can justly deny that this change has come about largely through Mrs. Eddy's teachings, because among those who have applied for treatment the greater number contended for a corporeal concept of God, quite forgetful of the Master's declaration that God is Spirit, and that He must be worshiped "in spirit and in truth."

Planting the Seed
March 23, 1918

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