A Spiritual Movement

Christian Science exactly meets the need of the world to-day, and nothing else can. Let the workers in the movement be alive to their opportunity and the blessing it brings. Too many are postponing activities which they promise to engage in some day in the future. They are "waiting for the war to cease." Those who stay in mental apathy are like the unready virgins, for when the vision arrives and the thing happens for which they are waiting they will be unable to join with those who prepared themselves and were thus ready for the next stage of progress.

It must be clear that war will not cease of itself. In war every act is an act provocative; it is the perpetual sowing of harm and reaping of revenge. War will not end until men have cleared their vision, and this can only be rightly done by gaining some knowledge of God, because "he maketh wars to cease unto the end of the earth." It is the privilege of the Christian Scientist to maintain now the vision which eventually all shall know. He looks forward to the time when the knowledge of God, being universally known, will cause the cessation of all distresses and sorrows and woes. Therefore, at the present time his steadfastness due to his adherence to Principle should be as a rock of reliance for those tossed on tides of human life and death, good and evil, love and hate.

The Uplifted Standard
March 9, 1918

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