I give the following testimony in the hope that it will...

I give the following testimony in the hope that it will help some one as others have helped me. Up to a few years ago Christian Science seemed to me a delusion. I had never attached myself to any church, feeling that the churches did not offer that for which I was looking, and I went about still hoping and searching for that something which I could not have named. My conception of a divine Father was different from that of most people, who believed that God was manlike and changeable. A very close and dear artist friend brought me the first "good tidings of great joy" while I was living in my home town. I spoke of the peculiarities of some Christian Scientists I had known, and he explained the true teaching as given to the world by Mrs. Eddy. Then I agreed to look into it and not condemn it without further knowledge of it. This was the beginning of some seemingly wonderful demonstrations. Hardly had I started my reading and study when I found myself cured of chronic bowel trouble which had required constant doctoring in the past. Many minor ailments disappeared into their native nothingness as I studied and read and discussed points with other friends, who were all patient and kind. My big fault was that I wanted to grasp the teaching all at once and rebelled at my slow progress, but I clung to the truth as I was finding it.

Later on, after having smoked to excess for twenty years, I decided that I was not reflecting purity or good with a cigar in my mouth. I tried to overcome this through my own understanding of the truth, but not seeming able to do so I wrote to a practitioner in Indiana, who lovingly and patiently began treatment. As I continued to consume tobacco in great quantities I wrote to this lady that I felt we were making no progress; that I wanted to be healed without any effort of will power. Right here was the error which was binding me, as she discovered on reading my letter, and while she was writing me that I was free and did not need further help I was burning my cigarettes and cigars. I have since have no desire to smoke. The returns from the healing are great, and show in added weight, better health, steadier nerves. I find in my work, that of artist and designer, that ideas come more easily, and I am not only doing a higher class of work than before, but doing it more easily and more rapidly. I realize that it is God, divine Love, working through me to do His good will, and I glory in the freedom and power that are mine.

My dear wife is also studying Christian Science, and in cases of extremity I call on her for help and receive it quickly. Our home is all that we can ask for, harmonious and loving, and loving, and that divine Love reigns there. For more than two years neither of us has taken any medicine, and we rely entirely on divine Mind for guidance and protection. For more than a year I have held a position which it was freely predicted I would not keep for six months. Discord has been met and conquered in many cases, and while at times things seem to go very wrong, I try to rise above the clouds into the sunlight of Truth. I used to be a constant sufferer from headaches and terrible attacks of stomach trouble, but while the attacks still seem real at times, they grow shorter and are more easily overcome.

Testimony of Healing
It is ten years since, through great mental and physical...
February 23, 1918

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