For nearly ten years Christian Science has been my only...

For nearly ten years Christian Science has been my only physician. It healed me of stomach and bladder trouble, partial paralysis of the bowels, a condition supposed to be hereditary, and an organic disorder so serious that several physicians said the case was hopeless without a difficult operation which it was believed I could not survive, as I had been in a neurasthenic condition for many years. At one time I was not fully dressed for more than a year.

After all else had failed to give more than temporary relief I was persuaded to try Christian Science. My healing of all these ills was slow, but I gained in understanding step by step and am now entirely well, doing all the work for a family of five on a farm. We have had many and marvelous proofs of God's power to heal discord of whatever name or nature, both for myself and for the members of my family. About nine years ago my mother was healed of cataracts in one week's treatment, after a specialist had said she could not hope to see more than six months longer. She is now in her ninety-fourth year, bright, active, and comfortable, and can see just as well as she could before the trouble appeared. My son was healed of two attacks of typhoid fever. The attacks were about three years apart. Each time there seemed to be alarming complications, but he was fully restored in less than a week by absent treatment.

Only by living in accord with the teachings of Christian Science can I best express my gratitude, for words are inadequate. My gratitude to God is unbounded, and my loyalty to Mrs. Eddy for giving to me and to all mankind "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" is sincere. The truth of the Bible may be proven here and now.

Testimony of Healing
I want to tell what Christian Science has done for me
February 23, 1918

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