The Lectures

Boston, Mass. (The Mother Church).—Paul Stark Seeley, lecturer; introduced by Bicknell Young, who said:—

This gathering illustrates in many ways the deep interest in spiritual Truth which is being awakened by Christian Science. Before its advent Spirit and its derivative words were devoid of practical value. Virtually no Christians were aware of the fact that spiritual Truth could do anything more for a human being than give him a hope in a heaven after death. With Mrs. Eddy's discovery, followed by her demonstration and that of many of her followers, of the power of spiritual Truth to overcome disease as well as sin, the mere theories of religion and medicine have been shaken, not only to their foundations, but in their foundations. Christians are recognizing that it is not a theory of Christianity, but an actual demonstration of its power over fear and disease, as well as over sin, which brings satisfaction to an afflicted and tempest-tossed race.

Christian Science has proved in thousands of instances that the promises of the gospel are not contingent upon time, but wholly upon understanding, and it is because of this that many of you are here to-night, seeking to know something more of Christian Science. Jesus gave to the world and illustrated throughout his career a practical gospel, which to-day, through Christian Science, is awakening Christian faith in the omnipotence of good and is illustrating that omnipotence in the healing of disease and the redemption of sinners.—The Christian Science Monitor.

Testimony of Healing
I give the following testimony in the hope that it will...
February 23, 1918

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