I should like to express my ever increasing gratitude to...

I should like to express my ever increasing gratitude to God for His faithfulness to all generations and for the manifestation to this age that "we are saved by hope" in the giving of "the light of the glorious gospel" through Mrs. Eddy in the form of demonstrable Science. I feel especially thankful for the Sentinel, as it come to me at a time when I could not grasp the teachings of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" clearly enough to dispel my fears. The simple articles and the testimonies were like a friendly hand reaching out in the darkness to guide and encourage me. I did not at that time know a practitioner, so the coming of a year's subscription to this periodical as a Christmas present from a person whom I had never known, was in itself a demonstration of "the all-hearing and all-knowing Mind, to whom each need of man is always known and by whom it will be supplied," as our Leader says on page 7 of our textbook.

In the years previous to the coming of Christian Science into my life I had become heartsick and diseased with the sense of nothingness to which my every hope and talent seemed to have come. Every one that meant anything to me passed on or went away, and I was borne down with wondering why I should live all my life in one spot where the surroundings were not congenial to a high sense and appreciation of the good, the beautiful, and the true. If I should write all day I would only have begun to tell of the experiences this wonderful unfoldment of Life as understood in Christian Science has brought to me, although it has been only four years since I earnestly took up the study of it. I can see now, as Mrs. Eddy says of her experience (Science and Health, p.107). that "God had been graciously perparing me during many years" to receive this truth.

Within a few months after my understanding of the Science of being began to clear, I was able to begin to be an uplift to other memners of my family, to my friends, relatives, and neighbors. I have been enabled through bringing this message of "on earth peace, good will toward men," to bring the "breath of life" into homes where beliefs of sickness, sensuality, drunkenness, ignorance, and poverty shut out health and harmony. Christian Science has restored health to my husband, my children, and myself, and has set our feet in the path that leads to a clearer realization of God's ever presence. The study and demonstration of its truths, the reading and distribution of the various periodicals, are truly fountains of life to me. My greatest desire is to gain more understanding each day, that I may live it more and give more of it out for the sake of tired humanity.—(Mrs.) Alfa M. Foote, Danville, Ill.

Testimony of Healing
There is not a day passes in which I do not have occasion...
November 30, 1918

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