About three years ago our little daughter fell from our...

About three years ago our little daughter fell from our porch railing to the ground, a distance of several feet, receiving an injury to her shoulder which was very painful. About a week later we considered it necessary to consult a surgeon, as the injury was still quite painful at times and the arm seemed limp and useless. The surgeon treated the arm, but upon examination a few days later stated that the collar bone had been broken by the fall and the ends of the bones had grown fast in a wrong position. The following day he and another surgeon attempted to break the bones apart in order to reset them, but were unsuccessful. They said it would be necessary to remove the child to a hospital and make an incision in the flesh so as to pry them apart. They would them hold them in place by a silver plate. We become alarmed at the thought of allowing the little girl to go through such treatment and asked if this operation could not be avoided. The answer was that if this were not done the shoulder would probably be drawn forward and the child deformed for the remainder of her life.

At this point we decided to ask the advice of a Christian Science practitioner, and were overjoyed when informed that it was entirely unnecessary to allow any further manipulation by the surgeon, as Christian Science would restore everything to its normal condition. The little girl was given a few treatments, and we were told not to examine the shoulder from time to time, as we had been doing previously. At the end of a few weeks we noticed that a large lump, which had previously been on the collar bone, had disappeared and the arm and shoulder were as good as ever. To-day we are unable to tell from examination which of the two collar bones is the one that was injured.

We certainly feel grateful for this wonderful healing, which came at a time of great need. Christian Science has also been helpful to us upon several other trying occasions.

November 30, 1918

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