In the Preface to "Miscellaneous Writings" by Mrs. Eddy...

In the Preface to "Miscellaneous Writings" by Mrs. Eddy we read (p. ix), "The easel of time presents pictures—once fragmentary and faint—now rejuvenated by the touch of God's right hand." Of one such rejuvenated picture this testimony bears witness. We are a family of six, whose first perception of the radiant light of Truth came in the year 1907. We know now that the light has been shining through all the ages, but so far as we were concerned it was, until that year, the light that "shineth in darkness" and the darkness had comprehended it not.

Our home was most unhappy,—many tears, much temper, discontent, rebellion, and bitterness. My husband and I were the children of ministers and had been "well brought up," so we hid all this trouble from the outer world and were pretty well liked and well thought of by others; but the desert and the wilderness were the abiding place which we were making for ourselves within the home. Financially we were in very straightened circumstances. Our physical ailments were so many that we grew to accept most of them as simply a matter of course, devoting our grief to the three greatest items on the long list.

Two conditions had been pronounced incurable. A daughter had for seven years been under the constant care of oculists and three operations had been performed upon the eyes. Then we were told that within two years at most she would practically blind, though she might be able to distinguish light from darkness. I had been for years growing deaf and the well-known aurist who was treating me pronounced the trouble an inherited diseased condition of the eardrums, progressive in nature, and said that I must be resigned to total deafness. As my only memory of my father was of a very deaf man this was easy for me to believe. The deafness was accompanied by a steadily increasing noise in the head which seemed at times almost maddening.

Testimony of Healing
My apparent delay in expressing my gratitude for the...
November 30, 1918

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