I should like to add my testimony to the thousands...

I should like to add my testimony to the thousands already published as tokens of gratitude and encouragement from those who have felt the great benefits of Christian Science teaching. Especially would I like to mention the demonstration over a problem which confronted me about two years ago. I had then been studying Christian Science a year.

At this time my business position seemingly depended upon the approval of a great number of people. After holding it about a year I was debating with myself whether to remain where I was, as I desired to do for certain reasons, or seek another engagement, when I was suddenly removed, apparently by some one acting from malicious motives. I am filled with gratitude because at the time I was able to turn completely to Principle, knowing that if it was my right place no malicious intent could move me from it, and if not I would be removed in a harmonious, happy way. I held to these thoughts constantly for a week, when the demonstration was made by my being reinstated in my former position with a full apology for what had occurred. This of course solved the other problem as well, and great was my joy and gratitude.

As regards the healing of physical ills I am grateful to say I have been helped many times. In February of this year I was entirely healed of an inactive condition of the bowels in three treatments. This trouble had persisted for three weeks. For the first two weeks I held to the thought that no material action or inaction could affect my life, health, or happiness and I suffered not at all, but at the beginning of the third week fear was allowed to creep in and the result was that a great deal of pain and discomfort was experienced until after the third treatment was given by a practitioner. when every discordant condition vanished.

Testimony of Healing
Gratitude for the benefits and spiritual understanding...
November 30, 1918

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