God Our Defender

Recently there came to the writer an experience which seemed full of meaning. Aroused very early in the morning by the mellow tones of an unfamiliar bell telling the hour, she went to the window. Beneath, lay the central green or common of an historic city, one of the great educational centers of New England. Even in the early dawn could be seen buildings that were symbols of men's best activities,—an ivy covered church, built through the efforts of faithful men in the early days of the country's history, and near by, rising from among the fine old trees, were halls of learning. But directly between her and the wonderful light of coming day, gleamed the pure white lines of a new Government building, and above it hung the folds of a great flag. As the glorious light, symbol of Truth, fell on the flag, it hung, encompassed as it were with power from on high. There came then to mind these words from the fourth chapter of the book of Isaiah, "Upon all the glory shall be a defence."

The knowledge that God's law of infinite good governs the universe, even from the rising to the going down of the sun, and that no mortal can stay or turn aside this law, brought a sense of great peace. Then came a thought of rejoicing that so long as this great nation goes forward in the path of truth and righteousness,—the basis of true freedom,—God is indeed its light and its defense. In Lanier's centennial cantata are these beautiful lines:—

November 30, 1918

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