The Lectures

Boston, Mass. (The Mother Church).—William D. Kilpatrick, lecturer; introduced by Bicknell Young, who said in part:—

Our lecturer this evening, who has had the schooling of the law as well as the experience of practical politics, will doubtless agree with the apostle in the statement that "the law made nothing perfect." Of course the apostle referred to the Mosaic law, but the saying is equally applicable to ordinary human laws, and to everything that goes under the name of law, commonly speaking. Pure Christianity alone is predicated upon perfection, and Christian Science accordingly takes law entirely out of the realm of human belief and endeavor and establishes it upon the Rock, Christ, Truth. For this reason Christian Scientists recognize possibilities which at present seem to other people merely Utopian dreams. Thye can even anticipate that happy time when those who make laws and interpret and enfore them shall in all their work recognize the one God, the divine Principle, who is the source and substance, not only of all being but of all law. And they can with equal joy and unshakable certainty look for enlightenment among those who treat the sick by material methods, and can anticipate that even they shall eventually be so free from the bias of material education as to recognize that the basic law of all being is the law of God, and that from its very nature it is a law of health and perfection to man.

November 30, 1918

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