About twelve years ago I was discouraged and ready to...

About twelve years ago I was discouraged and ready to give up, for I had suffered for twenty-four years with what many doctors, including specialists, pronounced an incurable disease, fistula. I was never free from pain unless asleep or under an opiate, and at times the pain was so excruciating that I contemplated suicide. At this time we were living in Arizona. I knew absolutely nothing about Christian Science, but had heard it ridiculed.

We went to Los Angeles, where I expected to have an operation performed, although the doctors said temporary relief was all that could be expected, because a cure was impossible. Through the influence of a friend I went to see a Christian Science practitioner before going to the hospital for the operation. She inquired if I had been interested in or believed in Christian Science. I said, "Oh, no." "Then why," she asked, "are you here?" I answered, "To please a friend." "Then you do not think you can get help?" she inquired. I said, "I know I cannot, for I have had the best doctors in the country, including specialists, and all they can do is to give me temporary relief. Do you mean to say you can cure me?" She replied, "No, I cannot, but God can."

Testimony of Healing
There are probably few people who have more reason to...
November 16, 1918

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