I have often felt it my duty to express in writing my...

I have often felt it my duty to express in writing my gratitude for the numerous benefits received through the teachings of Christian Science. One healing which occurred many years ago was instantaneous. I had suffered from stomach disorder for months and was at the point where it mattered not what I ate, or if I fasted, for the pain was always there. One evening the suffering seemed more intense than usual; in fact, it forced the tears to flow. A relative who was deeply interested in Christian Science said that it was not what one ate that caused the suffering, but one's thought or fear. She advised going to a restaurant and eating whatever I wished, saying she was sure no ill effects would result. As I was suffering without eating, I acted on her advice, for the pain could be no worse than it was. Her realization of the truth was so helpful that although I ate a very hearty meal, I rested well that night and awakened in the morning free from pain. I have had only a few slight attacks since.

Christian Science has been a great help to me in time of sorrow, in business perplexities and worries, and in the overcoming of physical ailments. When honestly and constantly applied it never fails. I used to experience considerable difficulty in reading or doing clerical work at night. On asking help of practitioner I was greatly benefited but not cured; I found this was a problem to work out for myself. Last summer, while visiting my parents in Montana, we motored much around the state, and one evening when it was time for lights it was found the electric system was out of order, so we proceeded without lights, hoping to get to some habitation before too dark to run the car. Suddenly everything appeared hazy to me and stars were dancing before my eyes. A similar thing happened in 1907, and I could not see anything then for more than an hour. With this memory in thought fear tried to enter my consciousness, for I was the only one in the car who knew how to drive. I immediately declared the truth, knowing that God meets our every need, and would not let the slightest doubt remain in thought, but instead rejoiced in thinking of the many good things that had come to me. In a very short time I could see better than I ever did and was enabled to drive to safety, although the last two miles were through a canyon and the road was narrow and winding. It had become so dark that my father had to go ahead with lighted matches and paper tapers to show the road.

Testimony of Healing
While reading an article in the Sentinel, I was made to...
November 16, 1918

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