Often have I wanted to relate the benefits derived from...

Often have I wanted to relate the benefits derived from the study of Christian Science, and tell of the peace and contentment that have come to me through its influence; but I have hesitated, as there has been no special physical healing in my case, although many minor troubles have disappeared. I once heard some one say that every healing in Christian Science is wonderful, that through it we have touched the hem of Christ's garment and consequently have drawn nearer God.

On looking back some eight or nine years, I realize that my whole life has been changed; it has truly been regenerated. After all, it is the little things that go to make up one's individual experience, and it is this day-by-day overcoming and fulfilling which mean so much to the student of Christian Science. It is putting off the old man and putting on the new for which he is patiently working. My outlook on life has become enlarged and enlightened; much fear, worry, and doubt have disappeared, and I know that with increased spiritual understanding I shall grow into a yet higher sense of life and usefulness.

Testimony of Healing
Mrs. Eddy defines angels as "God's thoughts passing to...
January 26, 1918

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