Though interested in Christian Science only two years,...

Though interested in Christian Science only two years, I feel that I have sadly procrastinated in not sending to the field my acknowledgment of a few of my blessings at least, for it would take too much space to enumerate all those which have come to me since I turned to Truth for help. The dear friend who first brought the subject to my attention was so determined I should know its real meaning that although I scoffed at the idea of help from such a source, eventually, through the very great kindness of an absent practitioner, I was gently led to see the allness of God and that nothing is impossible with Him. In a few weeks' treatment I was entirely healed of nervous exhaustion from which I had suffered for ten years, having had, during that time, seven doctors in consultation, none of whom was able to give me any relief.

While I was being treated by the practitioner for a sense of lack, having faced many material losses in the past two years, I was also overjoyed to find I had no more need for glasses, which I had been compelled to wear for twenty-three years. When in California four years ago I had been forced to consult a specialist, who informed me that my eyes were in such a condition I would never be able to take off glasses except upon retiring at night, which seemed all too true, for I many times tried going without them, only to suffer intensely for hours afterward. He also said I would require to have the lenses changed every two years. Instead of all this I am able to sew all day long, and use my eyes in any and every way necessary.

Testimony of Healing
"God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in...
January 26, 1918

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