Scientific Teaching in the Sunday School

Scientifically speaking, Christian instruction consists not alone of a correct statement of the letter; it must always be accompanied by the impartation of spiritualized consciousness. The Sunday school teacher can no more teach scientifically without depending upon the Christ-idea, than the practitioner can heal without this dependence. To suppose that Christian Science can be learned after the manner in which the learning of the schools is acquired is a grave mistake. We cannot gain any true understanding of Christian Science through merely reading and studying Science and Health; it is through the perpetual effort to live in accord with its teachings, and to apply them, that one attains a spiritual understanding and is able to impart to others the grand truths of Science.

Do we not by our very presence exhale the mental essence of our lives, regardless of spoken or unspoken words? Do we not impart the quality of the consciousness in which we are dwelling? If we are in a state of worry, sadness, resentment, or any kind of friction, we can hardly escape breathing it into the mental atmosphere of those around us, unless in our struggle against it we are bringing enough good to bear upon the error to counteract its hidden activities. On the other hand, if we are dwelling in a state of uplifted consciousness,—in faith, joy, and peace,—we shall impart a spiritual aroma that awakens receptivity, calls forth hidden spirituality, and brings out the very best in the pupil.

Awake in the Night
August 4, 1917

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