When Christian Science was first brought to my notice I...

When Christian Science was first brought to my notice I was in a deplorable condition. While I did not accept its ministrations without considerable opposition, an improvement was soon noticeable. I had suffered two very severe breakdowns. The first occurred in the autumn of 1896 and was diagnosed as nervous dyspepsia. My stomach and nervous system suddenly became so completely deranged as to make me unfit for my regular work, and for more than eight months I was compelled to be practically idle. When recovered sufficiently to resume my vocation, medicine and stimulants were employed to keep me going, and as time went on the quantities of both were constantly increased.

In 1906 another collapse came. This time an internal abscess was said to be the outstanding cause, but a general complication of ailments was in evidence. I was operated on for the abscess and that particular affliction was removed, but the others seemed if anything to become worse. Although the wounds healed, my general health did not improve. I tried a number of different schools of medicine and modes of healing, and went from one doctor to another, but got weaker all the time.

Testimony of Healing
With a feeling of deep thankfulness to God, and of gratitude...
August 4, 1917

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