Christian Scientists do not endeavor to isolate themselves,...

Tacoma (Wash.) Tribune

Christian Scientists do not endeavor to isolate themselves, nor do they endeavor to avoid contact with the rest of humanity; on the contrary, Christian Science is becoming universally known as the one religion which its adherents take into and apply to every human activity every day and every hour. It is, therefore, not as a means of achieving or maintaining a splendid isolation that Christian Scientists wish to have the clear distinction between their religion and others preserved, but rather as a means of avoiding confusion in the public thought as to what Christian Science really is.

Confusion is peculiarly likely to result if the statement goes unchallenged that Christian Science and New Thought are similar, because the latter "affirms the omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence of God," and is "affirmative from beginning to end." There is just enough superficial similarity in the mere form of words between such a statement and the declaration of truth as taught in Christian Science, that the unwary may be ensnared by them; and it may fairly be pointed out that the allness of God, considering now merely the form of words, is a doctrine that is held by the most outspoken pantheism, on the one hand, and by the purest monotheism, Christian Science, on the other, not to enumerate varying shades of belief that lie between.

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