With a feeling of deep thankfulness to God, and of gratitude...

With a feeling of deep thankfulness to God, and of gratitude to our revered Leader, Mrs. Eddy, I would like to give my testimony of what this blessed truth has done for me and mine. In Science and Health we read, "When the illusion of sickness or sin tempts you, cling steadfastly to God and His idea" (p. 495). Innumerable times I had read these words, but I did not comprehend their full meaning until a testing time came.

My eldest son was stricken with a severe attack of a malignant throat disease, and although treatment was given by a Christian Science practitioner, the boy seemingly grew worse, and I was unable to overcome a great sense of fear. After several hours the practitioner was again told of the conditions, and we asked if a physician should be called to diagnose the case, although we had had a previous experience with this disease and recognized the symptoms. The practitioner told us to wait until morning, and said he would continue the treatment. About an hour later there was a discharge from the throat, and when I went into the room again my heart overflowed with gratitude. Although I could not see much change in the boy's condition, yet such a sense of peace, joy, and thanksgiving came to me that I was unable to speak. It was then that I realized what true gratitude is.

At this same time our baby (not quite two years of age) was also ill, but not with the same trouble. The morning following the demonstration for the elder boy a physician was called to diagnose the baby's case, and he said the little one had a severe attack of bronchitis. I then asked him to examine the elder boy, and after doing so very thoroughly he said the lad had certainly been very sick, but all he had then was tonsilitis. Mentally I gave thanks to God, for I knew the demonstration had been made during the long hours of the night through the understanding of the faithful practitioner.

August 4, 1917

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