The Science of Liberty

Christian Science has come into the world giving humanity real liberty. It came through that inspired woman, Mary Baker Eddy, Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science. Liberty is the natural gift of God. Paul said, "I was free born," and the statement meant much to him from the standpoint of his Roman citizenship; but a freedom far transcending any national classification rewards the spiritually-minded in every land through Christian Science. Jesus pointed the way to liberty for man when he said, "Ye must be born again." The hidebound beliefs of scholasticism are being broken up for the simple seeker for truth who recognizes in Christian Science the advent of the glorious liberty of the sons of God.

The heart of man has been craving for liberty throughout all ages. A certain quality of liberty is expressed by the birds soaring in the air and by the flowers unfolding in sunshine and dew. Years upon years have been devoted to the cause of liberty by man. No tyranny of church or state has ever been able to maintain itself permanently against this urgent desire. The material sciences of government, political economy, and social relations have again and again been convulsed and overturned by the irresistible determination of humanity to be free. That such revolutions have not resulted in finally settled conditions is due to the fact that the science of liberty was unknown until the discovery of Christian Science.

Christian Science gives liberty and true science to all the material sciences, breaking the limitations imposed upon them by false belief. Astronomy, physics, chemistry, mechanics, anatomy, medicine, conceived by the mind of man as material, in reality have their spiritual counterparts as true sciences through the law of God, which knows no limitation. Time also, as a factor in the arts and sciences, disappears when the work is done under the love and joyousness of God. The world of music as long as it is materialized in thought cannot know the full harmonies which are found only in the exact Science of God and in the free action of inspiration.

What God Hath Joined Together
August 4, 1917

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