I want to express my gratitude for the healing which I...

I want to express my gratitude for the healing which I received through Christian Science. In 1904 I had an attack of typhoid fever, and after that the symptoms returned about the same time every year. Each attack left me with less power of resistance, and so undermined my health that after caring for my father during an illness of three months I did not seem able to gain any ground. Four different physicians had been consulted, but their help was only temporary, some diagnosing the trouble as malaria and saying I could not hope ever to get entirely well.

In 1909 my heart appeared to be affected, and I again consulted one of the physicians. After a thorough examination he said the kidneys were affected and the blood pressure was above normal. He advised me to eat very little; in fact almost to starve myself. In the spring of 1911 I became so much worse that my husband decided to close our home and send me to Canada for the summer, hoping the change would benefit me, and then to the South to spend a couple of years there, as one physician had advised.

I went to Canada in June, but grew so much worse that I returned to my home city in August. My condition gradually became worse after my return, and I could not eat or sleep. In October I began to have night sweats and to suffer from chills and fever every day. I lost flesh rapidly, and my eyesight, which had always been good, failed me. Realizing that I could not live very long, as the physician was not helping me at all, I wrote to my husband (who was out of the city) that I would never be able to go South with him. Just then a friend advised me to try Christian Science, and I acted on her advice. I saw a practitioner that same day, and the second day after my first treatment the night sweats and chills and fever stopped, and I began to eat and sleep and gain in weight. After one week's treatment I was perfectly well.

Testimony of Healing
Five years before I learned of Christian Science the doctor...
August 4, 1917

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