"Thou hearest me always"

THE beginner in Christian Science, who is endeavoring to gain a knowledge of its teachings and thus be the recipient of the good which is in store for all of God's children, may be at a loss to understand the quiet yet positive assurance that accompanies the remarks of his Christian Science friends, that his problem, whatever it may be, is already solved, that the answer is already awaiting him, as God's work is done, and that in reality there is no problem. Such statements may seem nothing more than a mockery in the face of conditions which to mortal mind are overwhelming in their nature. Yet it is just at this point that Mrs. Eddy has rendered such great service to humanity, for the more we learn of Christian Science the more clearly we grasp the Science it reveals.

Moreover, the statement that our problem is already solved and that the answer is awaiting us, should not in itself be so very startling, even if sense-testimony does apparently give convincing evidence to the contrary, because this statement is also true with regard to one of the most common branches of knowledge, a science with which almost every individual has something to do every hour in the day, namely, the science of mathematics. In that science we can readily see how impossible it is to state a problem without at the same time bringing into recognition its answer.

The "still small voice"
September 30, 1916

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