Proper Use of Time

It is a very easy matter to say that we have all the time there is in which to accomplish certain tasks, but the question which naturally arises is whether we are spending it profitably or unprofitably. Whatever spiritual talents we may possess, it is the use we make of them which identifies us as either drones or workers in the Father's vineyard. The mere hoarding of material riches may often make us paupers instead of princes in the sight of God.

The individual who does not know that God is unceasingly demanding something of him, does not know how to spend his time. About as far as the average man goes, is to concede that God wants him to be as good as he possibly can be in this present world; but the admonition of the Master for him to be perfect even as the Father is perfect, does not make any practical appeal to him. Failing as he does to grasp the metaphysical meaning of this Scriptural command, he likewise fails to comprehend the importance of giving more time to spiritual things. In such a mental state he will constantly be waiting for the more "convenient season," which never comes. With an infinite being there can be no such thing as time. God therefore does not reason from any standpoint of finiteness or human limitation. Everything pertaining to the kingdom of heaven is embraced in the infinite consciousness of an ever-present now. Whatever is perfect, therefore, always has been and always will be perfect. The moment individual human consciousness admits this spiritually metaphysical fact, that moment it begins to understand man's relationship to God. Then and then only does one realize the imperative need of making proper use of one's time.

Life Understood
September 30, 1916

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