LET classification be done by divine Science, and not by human knowledge so called. The latter sins against Truth and tyrannizes over mankind. Custom classifies persons as good or bad, young or old, strong or weak, healthy or diseased, wise or foolish. It differentiates according to sex, color, race, nationality, religion, personal appearance, height or breadth. In some cases it even seems to delight in separating human beings into masters and slaves, in herding them into antagonistic professions and rival occupations, in creating menial servitude, in exalting one type and depressing another. Such classification may pretend to follow lines supposed to be mental as well as physical, but in reality it must deal wholly with material conditions because dictated by a supposititious material mind.

Thus for the sake of convenience, customary classification tends to create classes into which individuals can permit themselves to be thrust and from which they can be prevented from emerging except through spiritual understanding. Mortal mind describes persons much in the same manner as Adam named "every living creature" in the Scriptural allegory of the false creation, and with the Adam name goes the Adam nature and the Adam law of sin, sickness, and death. Therefore one of the principal objections to the customary classification is the swarm of Adam laws which accompanies such classification. The numerous physical sciences are special sinners against mankind in this respect. Mistaking man for material instead of spiritual, they classify him as subject to material law and thus entangle mortal man in a network from which he can be saved only by Spirit's proper classification, which reveals the real man to be the idea of divine Mind, subject only to the spiritual law of God.

September 30, 1916

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