Every day I am finding Christian Science to be my...

Every day I am finding Christian Science to be my best friend. It has healed me where medicine and material hygiene failed, and has uplifted me where orthodox theology was inadequate. Before Christian Science was allowed a hearing in my defense there was long and persistent employment of medicine, osteopathy, hydropathy, and physical culture. There were weary sojourns at the seashore and among the foothills; and more than these there was the human faithfulness, patience, and kindness of friends who were endeavoring to help me, as well as the honest efforts of physicians to heal me.

In spite of all this my condition became worse, until daily existence was a misery. I was haunted by its unprofitableness and literally perishing in the "miry clay" of cherished health theories, in that sad state where healthy people seemed to be citizens of another country, where I too had one time lived, but to which I could not return. Finally, when ready to turn away from material gods and listen to the glad tidings, I received treatment from a Christian Scientist. The literature was read constantly, especially Science and Health, my medicines were all thrown out, and some oppressive health laws shaken off. Within two months I gained in weight and was delighted to be able to work.

September 30, 1916

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