[Translated from the German]

We gratefully avail ourselves of the opportunity to testify...

We gratefully avail ourselves of the opportunity to testify to the blessings received through Christian Science. As far back as I can remember, my wife suffered from stomach trouble and consequent ills. The physicians were able to afford only temporary relief by advising her to abstain from certain kinds of food. About three and a half years ago, after we lost an eight year old daughter as a result of appendicitis, our sister-in-law called our attention to Christian Science and gave us copies of the Herold to read. I had been disappointed in religious matters previous to that time, and therefore was not disposed to give the subject any attention; but my wife began to read the literature given her. In September, 1912, she was again taken very ill with stomach trouble and nervous debility, and after recovering somewhat from this attack, went to Bern to see a Christian Science practitioner and was given treatment. From the first there was a marked improvement, while in four weeks the trouble disappeared, and there has been no return of it since.

On New Year's eve, 1912, our second youngest boy was taken with appendicitis, and my dread of this pernicious ailment caused me to call up the physician by telephone, while my wife sent word to a Christian Science practitioner. The physician confirmed the presence of the trouble above mentioned, and prescribed for it. We did not give the medicine to the boy, however, for he soon quietly fell asleep. When on Jan. 2 the physician came to see the child, he found to his surprise that the ailment had disappeared. The conviction then came to me that God is Love, and I began to search the Scriptures zealously. Since that time we have not employed the services of a physician. We have had many attacks of illness in our family, but most of them were overcome in their incipient stages.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has cured members of four generations...
August 21, 1915

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