A few days ago an item appeared in your paper which...

The Yonkers (N. Y.) Herald

A few days ago an item appeared in your paper which stated that because a resident of Yonkers, who was a Christian Scientist, had died without medical treatment, the coroner was making an investigation. On the same day the newspapers of New York, Yonkers, and other places in the state contained in the aggregate hundreds of notices of death under licensed medical treatment; but up to the present I have not heard that the coroners have taken steps to investigate any of these cases. Doubtless your readers will see the inconsistency of a system which penalizes trust in God, but promotes and protects trust in material methods, no matter what the physical or moral effect of medical treatment or advice may be. Christian Science, which is the reinstatement of the Christianity of Jesus, is daily proving itself to be the most efficacious healing system known to mankind, healing where materia medica fails.

Compared to material methods, the failures of Christian Science treatment are significantly few. Despite this, shall failures of Christian Science treatment be reported to the coroner, heralded broadcast in the newspaper, and respected and law-abiding relatives and practitioners be haled before police courts, while the daily, yea hourly, failures of materia medica shall be given the stamp of legal approval? Christian Scientists see no valid reason for subjecting them to abuse because of an occasional failure, while multitudinous failures of materia medica are permitted to pass practically unnoticed. Furthermore, they predict that the time is not far distant when this inconsistency will be recognized and rectified by a justice-loving public.

A Religion of Work
August 21, 1915

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