May I reply briefly to an editorial in which you express...

The Tribune

May I reply briefly to an editorial in which you express the opinion that Christian Scientists should be compelled by law to qualify as medical practitioners before being allowed to practise their religion for the benefit of the sick? This opinion is, I believe, based upon the untrue assumption that there is some sort of medical supervision over people upon the part of Christian Science practitioners. The fact is that those who go to Christian Science for help, get no medical treatment of any kind, and they are advised by Christian Scientists that whenever there is a suspicion of communicable disease they should consult a regular physician and see that all the health regulations are observed. They call upon physicians for such diagnosis when necessary, even more punctiliously than does the average citizen, and the health records of the state prove this fact.

Those who have exercised their constitutional privilege to rely upon prayer as offered in Christian Science, and who have not, therefore, desired to rely upon drugs for healing, have not been, in all the years of successful Christian Science practice, the cause of spreading contagious disease or epidemics, nor have they subjected others to danger in this direction. It is due to Christian Science to state this, and the records of the health departments will bear it out, however much intentional or unintentional misrepresentation has been advanced to the contrary. At the same time, it may be observed that Christian Science churches, whose members are at least of average intelligence, who are well and happy and helpful members of the community, have sprung up broadcast to testify to the healing efflcacy of the Principle to whom the prayers are offered.

August 21, 1915

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