"Know thyself"

The pronouncement of the ancient oracle, "Know thyself," takes on a new meaning for the student of Christian Science. To those outside of this teaching the knowing of one's self usually includes a knowledge of the bodily structure, also of the symptoms of disease to which it is supposedly subject, although it is true that many physicians to a large extent discourage efforts to acquire this sort of knowledge. They do so on the ground that it tends to make people morbid, also that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing; yet experience shows that further study along material lines does not make one "healthy, wealthy, and wise," but on the contrary induces fear of disease for one's self and others.

At the same time there can be no doubt that self-knowledge of the right kind is to be desired and sought after, both for the sake of our health and of our moral and spiritual progress. If, for instance, one is attacked by illness or trouble of any sort, a thorough acquaintance with one's mental and spiritual condition is the surest way to get at the root of the discord, and to learn wherein one has failed to respond to the spiritual law which ever makes for harmony.

Following the Trail
August 21, 1915

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