The sermon on "Christian Science and Christian Logic,"...

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The sermon on "Christian Science and Christian Logic," of which a notice and a report were published in recent issues, presented a curious contrast with Christian logic as found in the New Testament. The thesis of the sermon in question was that the cures which the speaker credited to Christian Science do not prove the soundness of its tenets. This was maintained because cures have occurred when "a cerlain power of mind over the body" has been brought into play by "touching the bones of saints," by "humbugs," and by "quack medicines," as well as by Christian Science. I submit, however, that the reverend and learned gentleman left the subject at the precise point where an intclligent inquiry should begin.

An impression on the human mind, by whatsoever means it may be made, is always liable to produce a corresponding effect on the human body. Why? Because, to quote from Mrs. Eddy, "mortal mind and body combine as one" (Science and Health, p. 409). Every cure of a physical disorder furnishes some evidence of this fact, the proof being most distinct when no palpable agent or instrument can be seen. The cures wrought by Christian Science, therefore, furnish evidence of the proposition just quoted, but they are not alone in doing this. They draw apart from all similar phenomena, and furnish proof of something more than the proposition just stated, by reason of the method which they instance and Principle which they illustrate. In other words, Christian Science healing is distinetive because it results from the action and power of God, the divine Mind, over the so-called human mind and its embodiment. Thus Christ Jesus distinguished his healing work from all other curative efforts, even from human mind-cures, when he said, "If I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you." In short, he pointed to the method and Principle of his work as the distinguishing factors.

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